Savings for Shavings!

Every bag you buy keeps the herd comfy and dry!

We need 5000$ for shavings!

Help keep the herd warm and dry into the winter!

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Money raised so far: $225
Click the bag below and buy a bag!

Only 5$ per bag

You can buy bedding for Balou...

Help Jack to chill out.

Or keep Uly nice and cozy!

What the heck are shavings?

In the winter horses generally spend more time in their stalls than they do the rest of the year…especially at night. When they’re in their stalls, we provide them with bedding (which also happens to be their “bathroom”).

This bedding consists of quality wood shaving.

In order to keep the horses clean and dry, we clean out their stalls regularly, and that means we go through a lot of shavings…especially with 3 big caleche horses

So we’re reaching out to you for help!


We still have $4775 to go

You can help!

With every 5$ bag you buy, we’re one step closer to reaching that goal.

Click the bag to buy a bag!

You can make a difference!

If you have any questions please contact us via email at or fill in the form below.

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