About Us

A Horse Tale officially became a registered “not-for profit” in the spring of 2013, but the story really began several years before that when founder Kerri Fenoff fell in love with a horse named Tucker. Fast-forward to 2012.
Kerri was helping out on a farm where the owner unfortunately fell ill and could no longer sustain the farm and its animals.
The family had scheduled an appointment to slaughter their 15 Appaloosas horses. This is where Kerri’s devotion, determination and motivation came in to play. She did whatever it took to help those animals, and in the end, all of the horses were saved.

That moment in history sparked the vision to help build a foundation, a purpose, a goal, and a mission to help save horses in need.

Our Mission

With approximately 100 dedicated members and volunteers we have established an organization that is trying to make a difference. We rescue, re-home and provide a loving and caring “forever-home” for those we can save.

Through hard work and perseverance we are glad to say that we became a fully Registered Canadian charity (#83218 8387 RR0001) in January 2015.

We will continue to save as many horses as we can and provide them with the quality of life that they deserve while using the community that surrounds us.

Quick Facts

How many horses do you have?

At present moment, we have 11 horses. Check out their stories here.

Can I come and visit the horses?

Yes! A Horse Tale is open to the public, we hold an open house almost every Saturday between 2-4 PM.

I'd love to help...can I ?

Of course! AHT this is what makes our group run. Click here to find out more.

Can I adopt a horse?

Yes. Please email the board at (info@ahorsetale.org) to find out more.

Can you help me to rescue a horse?

We can try! Please email us at info@ahorsetale.org and we’ll do our best.

Our Vision

As we strive to help these majestic creatures, we have also found that they in turn have helped some of our members. We have seen firsthand results in helping children and adults with various life-challenges such as:

  • Generalised Anxiety disorder
  • Tourettes Syndome
  • Aspergers and Autism
  • and other ailments both physical and psychological 

Our vision is to further expand our reach by introducing equine contact and therapeutic services to help people in need.

Equine therapy, has been proven to help certain handicaps and conditions and we feel this will further help achieve our goal and give back to the community.

Caroline’s story is an example of how our vision is already making a difference in lives…both equine and human.

Our Team

AHT consists of a group of amazing and dedicated volunteers. The group is overseen by a Board of Directors. Click on the TAB for specific board members.
To reach the entire board, send an email to TheBoard – info@ahorsetale.org or contact us using the form below.

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Michael Grenier – President of A Horse Tale

To contact Mike, please send him an email: Mike – mgrenier@ahorsetale.org

Teresa Kus – Vice President

Teresa is a mother of three and a practicing cardiologist since 1988 with subspecialty training in adult cardiac electrophysiology. She was the director of the Arrhythmia Service at Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal for nearly 20 years, recently ceding the role to a younger generation. In addition, she holds a Ph.D. degree (McGill University) in cardiac pharmacology and divides her professional time between taking care of patients with cardiac arrhythmias at the hospital and research/teaching within the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology,Université de Montréal.

Always a lover of horses, she is particularly interested in developing a possible role for the AHT rescue horses in an equine therapy program for humans in need. She brings her experience with medicine and people in need and her organizational skills to the AHT Management as the VP.

To contact Teresa, please send her an email: Teresa – teresa@ahorsetale.org

Caroline Handy – Barn Manager

To contact Caroline please send her an email: Caroline – caroline@ahorsetale.org

Darren Mayoff – Director of Media and Marketing

To contact Darren, please send him an email: Darren – dmayoff@ahorsetale.org

Debra-Lee Taylor – Director of Finance and Treasury

To contact Debra-Lee, please send her an email: Debra-Lee – debralee@ahorsetale.org

Although we’re not there yet, your donations and financial support can help us achieve our goal and you can make a significant difference.