We can use your help!

A Horse Tale is a volunteer run group. We do not receive any financial support from the government so all of our funding comes from people like you.

Sponsor a Horse

You can help a horse partially or fully in order to participate in that horse’s life as if he were your own. A monthly donation can help to cover the horse’s board and feed.
Using the TABS below select:

  • the horse you’d like to support
  • the amount you’d like to sponsor
  • then click the subscribe button to setup a recurring donation

You can find out more the horses in the herd by clicking here

Select one of the tabs to sponsor a horse. To find out more about the herd, click on this link: http://ahtrescue.org/our-horses/

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Rod Young was an honorary lifetime member of AHT and we created a fund in his memory that you can sponsor below.

Rod Young Memorial Fund

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One Time Donations

If you would like to help us out by providing a one time donation, click the donate button below. All donations over$20.00 will receive a tax receipt.

Donations of Equipment and Supplies

Want to help us out even more? We also welcome donations of equipment and supplies to help us with the care of our horses. Items such as brushes, buckets, halters, feed, shavings, etc. Every little bit helps!

Please email us at info@ahorsetale.org or click here to contact us. We can even evaluate your donation and let you know if a tax receipt is possible.


For a really easy way to help the herd at no extra cost to you, you can support A Horse Tale’s via our Fundscrip account. Log on to www.fundscrip.com using invitation code: Q5SGHN.

Rod Young Memorial Fund

Rod Young was a very special member at AHT and we have setup a memorial fund in his honour. Click the link to find out more about this special fund.

To donate to the Rod Young Memorial Fund click the Donate button below. 

You can also setup a sponsorship in Rod’s name using the options above
From all of us at AHT, we thank you!