Our Horses

The herd at AHT is ever changing, expanding and growing, and sometimes shrinking.

We’ve had some success stories, and sadly we’ve had to say goodbye to some,
but each special soul that we encounter will never be forgotten.
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On January 18th 2018, Zephyr arrived at A Horse Tale rescue. This beautiful chestnut Paint horse with gorgeous white legs and a soft white mane stands handsomely at 15.1 hands tall. He has a cute quirk since a young age where his tongue sticks out just a little. When in a paddock, this playful soul appears younger than his 19 years…always looking to play, and can be quite vocal at times.

The recently retired Zephyr spent most of his life as a beginner school horse though he also trained for 2nd level dressage. He was diagnosed with arthritis in his hind legs and has a recurring sore on his right elbow which must be treated on a daily basis.

Zephyr is an anxious horse who prefers to have a buddy close by, although he has been adapting very well to his new environment at AHT. He is already attached to his indoor barn companion, little Ms Chocolate! In time, we will learn much more about the gentle angel named Zephyr.

Tara Belle

On September 30th 2017, a graceful Quarter Horse named Tara Belle arrived at A Horse Tale.

Standing at 15.1 hands you’d never guess that this little lady is 30 years old. Clearly, a testament to the wonderful and loving care she was given throughout her life by her former owner, who unfortunately could no longer provide for her. So she reached out to A Horse Tale to give her a happy retirement and we promise that we will!

Within minutes of arriving a AHT this lovely lady began to steal the hearts of many a member and we can’t wait to get to know her better.

Welcome Tara Belle!


9 year old Chaplin arrived at A Horse Tale on December 7th 2016.
This beautiful chestnut Canadian Warmblood stands at 16.2 hands. Chaplin showed in hunter/ jumper class competitions prior to arriving at A Horse Tale.

UPDATE Spring, 2017
We are happy to say that Chaplin’s assessment went well and he has now found his forever home. Happy for Chappy and his new family!


12 year old Blanco arrived at AHT on September 29th, 2016.
This snow-white Percheron (who could almost be a twin of Uly) worked as a calèche (aka carriage pulling) horse in Old Montreal for about 5 years, but recently, he was having difficulties pulling the carriage over the cobblestones. So, after a few months of rest it was decided that his career in the Old Port was over and that he was ready to retire to AHT. Standing at about 17 and a half hands, he’s just a wee bit smaller than Uly, but just as gentle.  Welcome Blanco to AHT.

Rocky Bayama

Our newest edition arrived on September 11, 2016. Rocky Bayama is a 9 year old Standardbred gelding. He stands 17 hands tall, and is a Bay , with two white socks on his rear legs. Rocky spent the first part of his life as a race horse on the track. He was a pacer, and did quite well, but a few years ago, he fractured his ankle bone while off the track and this signaled the end of his racing days. His owner placed him with a young lady who was riding him for the last couple of years, but when she could no longer keep him the owner reached out to us and we agreed to take him.
He has a wonderful personality, loves kids, and is very personable. Welcome Rocky to the herd!


Ulysses (aka Uly) was a 12 year old Percheron when he arrived at A Horse Tale in February of 2016. At about 18 hands or so, he is officially our biggest horse to date. Ulysses came into the Montreal carriage industry around the year 2010, where prior to that he was a working horse on a farm. Before joining us at AHT, Uly developed ring bone in his front left hoof and so he was put on stall rest along with monitored exercise in the summer of 2015.  Through regular visits by AHT reps to the Caleche stables, Uly was monitored to see how his situation progressed and, in the of Winter 2016 an agreement was struck to move Ulysses into retirement at AHT. With his long bangs flowing and substantial presence, he is a beauty to behold.


On December 13 2015 the (approximately) 17 year old Saari arrived and it didn’t take long for her to adjust. Saari is a pretty white Arabian mare with the typical Arabian head who stands at just about 15 hands high. She is a loving calm, intelligent and good natured girl who quickly stole the hearts of our members. Saari spent a good part of her life in a farmer’s field with 15 other horses, but for the last two years she was a companion horse. Shortly after her companion passed away she ended up at AHT. Recently she’s made good friends with Ulysses and the two of them can’t be separated.


If ever there was a horse whose personality matched his name it would be Smouch. Smouch is a lovely Palamino gelding, who was 16 years old on the day that he joined our herd (September 16, 2015). His owner had him for many years, but was having difficulty keeping him so she reached out to AHT and we stepped in to help out. He cannot be ridden anymore because he has a conformation problem with his front knees, but Smouch would be the best companion horse ever as he gets along with all of the herd. Living up to his name this boy gives kisses to everyone. He is gentle and loving, and stands 15’3 high.


Balou arrived to A Horse Tale on May 9, 2014 which his good friend, the late Dolly at approximately 30 years of age.   After a lifetime of serving Old Montreal’s tourists and various Cabane a Sucres around Quebec as a carriage horse, Balou was one of our first ever horses to be retired from the Caleche industry. Standing at about 17 hands or so, this big old guy is a real softie at heart and can usually be spent hours hanging out with his best bud Jim before he passed away.


Chocolate (who is probably a mix of Exmoor/Shetland) was guessed to be around 11 years old when she arrived at AHT back in the fall of 2013.
Although her name matches one of the sweetest treats out there, she herself has to avoid too many sweets (carrots, grass, apples, etc) because she has a Thyroid issue and Insulin Resistance (which is a bit like diabetes in humans). Because of this we have to watch her nutrition to make sure that she doesn’t get too much sugar. This little firecracker came to A Horse Tale on September 14, 2013 when the hobby farm that originally rescued her was sold.

Chocolate has her own FB account and Instagram account
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Jack was a (approximately) 23 year-old Warmblood when he arrived at AHT as our 3rd ever rescue. He can no longer be ridden due to a condition that he has called shivers which also causes his hind legs to occasionally kick out to the side. Even with his condition this beautiful boy has the most graceful trot we’ve seen at AHT. We are happy to be able to give him a loving and safe home.


Buddy is A Horse Tale’s first rescue. He was originally saved from slaughter and gelded by RR Refuge in Ontario. He arrived at our farm on February 22, 2013 from Hawkesbury, where he had been fostered out. Buddy was 14 years old, and had been very well trained in his past. He was a stallion until a few months before arriving at A Horse Tale. In his later years, he hadn’t been socialized, so interacting with other horses was initially an issue. The stallion mentality made it hard for him, as he had a lot of energy. During the time we have had him, he has been showered with love and affection, and the change in him is unbelievable. He is loving, gentle, and a real pleasure to be around and he has a remarkable sense around kids, where he immediately becomes a gentle giant.